Fishing Report

Fishing Reports Resume 2021


Spring is back, and so are the fishing reports.  After a decent winter, with average snowpack, the fish are looking great. We have been taking advantage of the Spring-like weather, multiple styles of fishing have been successful. Fish are still a little sluggish given the 34F-37F water temps. That said, fishing the deeper, slower water has been getting the job done.  On occasion we have been hooking a few fish out of the top of the runs, but the intermediate and deeper water have been our bread and butter. The Missouri is rather low compared to recent years past.  Much of the river is accessible to wade fishermen, if you are one of these adventurous bank anglers, please stay off the redds.  I unfortunately saw multiple gravel-stompers rip right through spawning gravels both Saturday and Sunday. If you are unaware of spawning redds, or what they look like, please ask a fisherman to explain it to you.  Stay tuned for more fishing intel as the days grow longer, lots of potential out there, check back for a lake report coming soon. 

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Weekend Looking Good

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