Fishing Report

Water Water Water

Once again we have excellent reservoir elevations and plenty more water on the way. To find the most updated information regarding Canyon Ferry Res. click here: the fishing on the Missouri, it is good, as in really, really good.  The increased flows have helped to spread boats out a...
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Get Yo Streamers in Their Mouth!

We are currently enjoying some quality streamer weather, while building some late snowpack. Great time to be out, no crowds and plenty of fish.  A few May dates available and don't forget about the Pat Barnes TU banquet on April 23, call for tickets and or details

That New Boat Smell

Unseasonably warm weather made for a nice day on the water last Saturday.  Looks like a little  (much needed) snow in our near future. Fish are where you expect them to be this time of year, slow and deep water.  They are eating the entire spectrum of colors, as long as that color is pink.  Deep buggers are getting it done ...
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Be Patient, More Snow on the Way

I realize cabin fever might be starting to rear its ugly head, but stay patient. We are building a decent snowpack at this point, things are on track for an average, or slightly above average water year.  March 15 is the date that will basically determine what kind of summer we will have on The MO.  Stay tuned, snowpack updates and fish p...
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Snow, Snow and More Snow

Well great news to all you fishing fans out there, it's snowing.  Winter has found its way back to Montana, and actually remembered to bring the snow. This weeks forecast is cold, blowy and snowy, I'll post our snowpack update on Saturday.  Here is what I can tell you as of today; Southwest Montana, specifically the Jefferson, Madison and...
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Let it Snow!

Snowpack is looking better as of late, we have moved out of severe drought to just regular old drought conditions.  More snow on the way, lets hope old man winter can still pack a punch.  Now is the time for that snow dance, lets see what ya got.  Also, Happy Festivus to all.Cheers 

Who's Ready for A Road Trip?

Winter is finally arriving to the intermountain west, temps are chilly and wind is plentiful.  Now is the perfect time to fish the Missouri, as most other options are frozen or in the process of freezing.  Fish have begun their slide to deeper and slower water, tis the season for fishing down and dirty.  Be sure to check the boa...
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Fishing Report is Back!

Fall weather will not quit, makes for lousy duck hunting, yet excellent fishing. Today is December 1, and it is currently 60F @ 8am in Helena Montana. Expect windy conditions this week and weekend, possibly sketchy conditions on the lakes.  Plenty of folks fishing due to the mellow temps, get out early to beat the crowds.  Fishing low and...
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Leggo My Eggo

​Turns out you can catch trout in the Spring without fishing an egg.  This bad boy crushed a jig like a boss, still stripping slow and deep, but turns out trout still like crawdads. While the upper river looks like a "trout gone wild" video (parental guidance suggested) the lower is offering lots of opportunity for those of your who prefer fis...
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Know before you go.

​Spring is here and the rivers are on the rise, be sure to check streamflow's before heading out. :  This Spring has been a mix of everything, hot, cold, sunny, snowy, windy, calm you name it, it has happened. Snowpack is looking decent at best in the central part of the sate, and ...
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Fishing Reports Resume 2021

Spring is back, and so are the fishing reports.  After a decent winter, with average snowpack, the fish are looking great. We have been taking advantage of the Spring-like weather, multiple styles of fishing have been successful. Fish are still a little sluggish given the 34F-37F water temps. That said, fishing the deeper, slower water ha...
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Weekend Looking Good

Temps are looking decent for the upcoming weekend, calling for a hi in the 40's. Play Ball! Lakes are still fishing well, when your eyelets aren't frozen...  The crowds should be down a bit from last weekend, should be excellent conditions for the streamer bite. Call for a more detailed fish forecast: 406-465-2277 

Need to Get Away?

Election got you down?  Maybe its time you go fishing with Tom.  Discounted winter rates apply, fishing is still strong to very strong. Call for details. Ask about the two hour option when temps are below 32F. Fish don't care if you are a Republican or Democrat and neither do I, let's go fish. #fishunited #unitedwefish

Last Call for Fall

Fall is back by popular demand, best get out and get after it while it lasts. The Missouri is fishing very well, every method of catch is working, even a few fish on top eating dries.  Sometimes I wish October was 90 days long... 


Fall is here and so are the fish, streamer fishing is unreal right now.  Weather is less than ideal at the moment, looks like Tuesday and Wednesday will offer the best weather for the week.   For those of you not identified as weekend warriors, get out and enjoy yourself. For those dedicated to weekend angling only, I'd plan on wade ...
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Fall Weather Arrives...Finally

Hot, sunny and dry weather has been replaced with cooler cloudy days.  This is a great time to be in Montana, leaves are changing, elk are bugling and the fish are still looking up. Afternoons have been on the windy side, I recommend you get on the water early to avoid heavy wind gusts. The Missouri is lower than has been typical of ...
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Indian Summer

​Sunny and 70's all week, hopper dropper fishing is still strong on the MO. I saw super dark size 12-ish hoppers on the banks all weekend.  Fish still preferred tan but maybe keep that in mind...  Dropping small (#16) green nymphs was the ticket and will likely continue to be the deal should fall ever arrive. Plenty of grass on the lower ...
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Fall Fishing Report

Sunny and 70's all week, hoppers are still plentiful and water temps are in the High 50's and Low 60's.  Much of the algae is disappearing from the reservoirs,  and the algae moving through the river is not as terrible as it can be this time of year. In general, this Fall is offering much better water quality and opportunity than the...
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Hopper Season

Better get your hopper fix this weekend, looks like a high of only 55F on Monday (Labor Day) For those of you not chasing elk or bird hunting, should be a decent weekend to wreck a few fish on the big dry.  Fall is in the air, better get it while you can... 

Summer Time and The Living is Easy

 Plenty of bugs on the Missouri River at this point, caddis, pmd's and a few other rando's are making a daily appearance. That is not to say the fish are psyched about eating dries, plan on packing your bobbers, while the nymphing has been great, dry fly fishing has been random and sparse. Water is gin clear and cool, flows are reasonable and ...
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